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The 2020 Odyssey Bulbs catalog is now on line, with lots of new and rare goodies. These include perhaps the supreme fall-blooming crocus, Crocus vallicola; a new and lust-worthy cultivar (‘Blue Moon’) of the scrumptious blue-flowered Corydalis turtschaninovii; one of the queens of the woodland perennial garden, Cardamine pentaphyllos; some extra-cool fritillarias including a new color break in Fritillaria meleagris, ‘Eros’; a double serving of double snowdrops; and a trio of new and noteworthy puschkinias. Among the many other noteworthy newcomers are several cool new (and exclusive) Crocus cultivars. This is ‘Sea Dream’. Resistance is futile.

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–Russell Stafford, Owner and Factotum

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