BY INTERNET OR EMAIL: You can order on our web store and pay directly via credit card or Paypal. You also have the option of e-mailing your order, shipping address, and
credit card or Paypal info to us, using the subject line “Odyssey Bulbs Order”. You can
either type out your order, or take a screen shot of the checkout page and send it as an attachment.
BY MAIL: If you would rather order by post, you can print and snail-mail a screenshot of the checkout page (with check, money order, or credit card info enclosed) from the web store rather than proceeding through the credit card payment process. You can also
send a typed or hand-written order with check, money order, or credit card info to
Odyssey Bulbs, 43 Nisbet Street #3, Providence, RI 02906.
OUR GUARANTEE: We guarantee our bulbs to be healthy, true to name, and artificially
propagated (rather than wild-collected). If the bulbs arrive in poor condition, please call us immediately, and we will send you replacements or a refund. We will also replace
bulbs that prove untrue to name. If any other problem should arise, please let us know, and we will do our best to correct it. We cannot guarantee bulbs that are improperly
handled after arrival.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: If possible, we will notify you if we are out of an ordered item,
and suggest alternative sources. We confirm orders by e-mail only.
GIFT CERTIFICATES: Gift certificate orders are welcome. Volume discounts do not apply to gift certificate orders.
SUBSTITUTIONS: On request, we will substitute for out-of-stock items. You are
welcome to email us a list of preferred substitutes, or – if you are ordering by mail – to
list them on the back of the order form.
WHEN TO ORDER: Many items are rare and in short supply, so we advise ordering as
early as possible. We will accept orders for 2022 until August 1, 2022. We may not be
able to fill orders placed after that date.
QUESTIONS: Please feel free to e-mail us, or to phone us at 401-400-3706, the phone
number for our sister retail store, Homegrown, located at 135 Gano Street in Providence, RI.
SHIPMENT: We ship WITHIN THE U.S ONLY, primarily by First Class and Priority Mail, but will send packages by FedEx if so requested, for a $10 surcharge.
SHIPMENT DATES: We will begin shipping orders from the current list in late August,
2022, starting with fall colchicums and other fall-blooming bulbs. Spring-blooming
bulbs ship in early fall. Please tell us if you need your bulbs at a particular date.
VOLUME DISCOUNTS: 5 percent for orders of $50 to $99.99, 10 percent for orders of $100 to $249.99, and 15 percent for orders of $250 or more. Volume discounts do not apply to gift certificates.
SHIPPING CHARGES: None for shipments totaling $30 or more ($5 otherwise).
SALES TAX: Seven percent for all Rhode Island addresses.